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Business IS Personal. You need to Build the Business OWNER to Build the Business

You started your business for a reason…

Maybe because you know you can’t do the work that you want to do, work that fulfils you and allows you to have a positive impact on the world, AND have the time freedom to be around for your family in the way you want to be by working traditional a 9-5 job

Perhaps you want to create your business your way, a way that blends your passions and purpose so that you can express your unique view of the world and, in doing so, reach others who need to hear your message

Elle Turner

Maybe you want to have the autonomy, flexibility and freedom that being your own boss gives you while taking your income potential into your own hands instead of being at the mercy of an employer’s annual pay rise (if you’re lucky)

(Or, hey, maybe how about all three, because why should you have to choose?)

I get it! I absolutely understand what building a successful business means to you, because I feel that way too. I’m so glad we’ve found each other.

I’m Elle Turner, a writer, boy (x2) mum, cat (x2) mum and lifelong learner

I’m also an entrepreneur trainer & mindset mentor for heart-led entrepreneurs- mainly solopreneurs & micro business owners - who want to grow an impactful business.

If you started your business because you not only want to build a sustainable, abundant future for yourself and your family, and do so through doing work that you LOVE, but also because you’re determined to have a positive impact in the world, then I've combined my background in Sociology, almost twenty years in Human Resources and, now, over seven years in the online business space to help you focus on the real difference maker in your own business success - YOU.

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It's your time to LEAD

The most important thing I’ve learned since I started my first business in the online space more than five years ago is, no matter what business you are building, no matter who you serve, or how you serve them, one thing is universally true…

THE work that will allow you to take assured action to get the results you want is building your business mindset so that you can step up as the entrepreneurial LEADER your business needs.

And, yes, you need to be a leader, even when you're a solopreneur or micro business owner.

I know the word leadership might be conjuring up images of corporate teams and big bro business (yuck), but in this space, and in my programmes, it means:

Taking charge and being responsible for the trajectory of your own life and business (instead of being derailed by all the noise, information and options in the online space)

Unapologetically weaving your purpose, desires, values, spirit and big world goals into your business, no matter what product or service you provide

Doing business your way, with heart and soul, so that it feels (and is) congruent with your integrity

That’s what you and I both want, but we also know how easily (and often) we can become STUCK and find the brakes slammed on our plans, goals and ambitions.

How I can help you

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Download a free guide

5 ways to stop procrastinating and take action TODAY so that you can achieve your business goals

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Listen to the Taking It Personally Podcast

Where we talk about all things Entrepreneurial Leadership & Mindset so that you can grow your heart led business and live the life that resonates with you, that's in harmony with you at a heart and soul level

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Entrepreneur Training & Mentoring

Make solid decisions that you can stick to without succumbing to shiny object syndrome, or becoming stuck in analysis paralysis

Take confident and consistent action to make the best use of your precious time in your business and

Trust yourself and your entrepreneurial ability

Here's what you don’t want to be:

Run by an (ever-growing) daily to do list, feeling like an employee of your business, rather than the CEO you set out to be

Tired, frustrated and disappointed, feeling like you’re going round in circles, unsure what next action to take for the best (after all, you have big goals for your impact driven business, you can’t stay stuck in the day-to-day)

Scared of wasting (yet more?) scarce time and / or money by making the ‘wrong’ choice and doing the ‘wrong’ thing

Does that sound familiar?

Instead you want to:

Approach your business, and think, like a leader (rather than a product / service provider or employee / worker) so that you can

Confidently navigate online business & its challenges,

Attract and work with your absolutely ideal customers and clients,

Show up, share & serve consistently AND with energy

So that you can make the impact you want to make through leveraging your business.

It’s time to achieve your heart-led, impact driven business goals. Bring them into your real world, don’t leave them languishing on an unreachable horizon.

If all that sounds good to you, then I’m here with the tools, training, support, encouragement and inspiration you need to help you get what you want from your business for your life and be the business owner you want to be.

Think of me as your constant CEO companion as you build, grow and scale your business in line with your purpose and the life you want to live!

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so that you can achieve your business goals


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