Anti-Racism Statement & My Pledge

I’ve never understood why I should have access to something others do not.

Why have I had access to free education? Free at-the-point-of-delivery healthcare? A job (more or less) when I wanted one?

And many other opportunities and privileges, some of which I’m very aware of, and others I know I have more work to do to uncover, recognise and acknowledge.

To ask why in this way, though, to come at it from this perspective, is to try to find a logic that is wholly non-existent.

I unequivocally recognise that I have had access, opportunities and comforts as a result of the compound effect of systems, structures and worldviews that have persisted in ‘normalising’ and ‘othering’ where I landed on the arbitrarily ‘normalised’ side of the fence purely by chance.

These systems, structures and worldviews are racist, oppressive and exclusionary. I, and my business, stand against them and their perpetuation of inequity.

I want to articulate and outline my commitment to building an inclusive business that attracts a diverse community and treats every person we meet in-person and online with dignity, human kindness and respect.

The concept and practice of white supremacy has caused, and continues to cause, inexcusable damage and suffering to Black, Brown, Indigenous and other people of colour, particularly women, people with disabilities and people who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

I acknowledge that my stacked privileges as a white, able-bodied, cis gender, heterosexual woman mean I have a lot of work to do to unlearn the understandings steeped in, and created from, the unearned privileges that I have benefitted from as a result of holding these identities. I know I will make mistakes, perhaps even in this statement, because I will always have work to do, but what I promise to do is keep learning, accept and acknowledge with humility when I mess up, then to do better.

A key message in my business is that Business Is Personal and this philosophy underpins my determination to embody these values both personally and professionally.

I want to acknowledge that, as a person with unearned privilege, it is incumbent upon me to learn how I can contribute to dismantling inequity and take action to do so. It is not OK to say ‘I am only one person, what can I do?’ I am one person, it is incumbent upon me to do what I can, and I want to.

I recognise this process of unlearning and learning is a life-long commitment and I commit to doing the work and continuing my education

I approach this work with an open heart and will do my best to silence my privileged ego when it threatens my commitment (which I recognise is a symptom of white privilege, white centering and white fragility)

I will remain open to feedback and correction so that I can do better

I will speak up against oppression and not hide from this when it’s challenging (again I recognise this is an option only afforded by privilege)

I will seek aligned opportunities to support and / or promote the teachings and work of those who hold identities that I do not

I ask other people with privilege to recognise and want to do this work too but, primarily, I hope I can learn to become, and continually improve my ability to be, a worthy ally to people who have been marginalised and discriminated against as a result of racist, oppressive and exclusionary structures and narratives.

If you have any questions, please email me at April 2022

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