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Business IS Personal. You need to Build the Business OWNER to Build the Business


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Why focusing on your personal development as an entrepreneur is the BEST thing you can do for yourself and your business

July 01, 20245 min read

Why you need to Build the Business OWNER if you want to build a sustainable business in the online space 

If you want to build a heart-led, impact driven business in the online space, you need to focus on your own development as an entrepreneur, that is developing the personal and leadership skills and cultivating the business mindset necessary (and particular) to entrepreneurship. That’s why I say you need to Build the Business OWNER to build the business (and why the purpose of my business is to provide the entrepreneur training and mentorship that will help you do so).

Because here’s the thing:

No matter what it can sometimes look like in the online space, building a business is hard. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity, but it does take TIME, EFFORT and it can be EMOTIONALLY DEMANDING. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it can feel hard, perhaps harder than you anticipated when you first started your business. That was true for me and has been true for SO MANY people I’ve crossed paths with in the online business space over the years.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that growing an online business is a quick and simple process when you read marketing posts, or look at social media, and see champagne corks popping and big revenue numbers flying left and right

And it’s absolutely fine that people want to celebrate their successes. It’s lovely, it’s inspiring and it shows what’s possible and the incredible opportunities the online space affords us as business owners, BUT, it’s not a big step mentally to go from seeing all the cork popping to feeling bad about yourself and your progress if your business reality doesn’t look like what you’re seeing online.

That’s one of the reasons that it’s SO important that you focus on YOU - where you currently are in your business, where you want to go and the action steps you need to take to get there, instead of getting caught up in all the noise online.

For YOU to walk the business path between A where you start and B your current goal, you need to remain grounded (with your eyes on your own paper, as the phrase goes) so that you’re not buffeted by the prevailing winds of everyone else’s opinion and that’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes personal development work, and that work is part of Building the Business OWNER. 

I’ve been in the online space for nearly 8 years now since I started my first business and I’ve seen a lot of marketing topics around how to achieve business success gain traction and then die away: 

Mindset work is the bee all and end all…

Mindset work is toxic, it’s your energy that matters…

You can manifest your results if you just do XYZ…

It’s not all about manifesting, strategy is important too…

I believe two things:

There’s a nugget of wisdom in everything, so I’m not going to criticise what anyone else believes to be true if they’re coming from a good place and

Most people in the online space are coming from a good place, wanting to share what’s worked for them

The trouble is, there’s so much more to what works for anyone than just ONE thing, and that’s the bit we can miss when we’re on the receiving end of marketing.

I went through a long period of time trying to take in all the information and advice online, constantly worrying that I was doing the wrong thing but, equally, worrying about whether I was being "taken in" by marketing if I thought something sounded like a good idea and wanted to invest in it

(And I have made investments that I haven’t seen a financial ROI from, so I absolutely get the fear and concern around this topic)

But what I've found most of all is that this information overload is a recipe for overwhelm, stuck-ness, analysis paralysis, feeling like you’re never doing enough, feeling like you must be missing something and, basically, all the feelings that lead to wondering if you’re ever going to achieve results in your business.

I’ve been there so many times (stuck, second guessing, overwhelmed), talked to other business owners who’ve felt like this so many times and my worry is that it leads to far too many talented people giving up on the idea of online business.

All this to say: Your approach, your mindset, your values, your stance - these components ARE your business far more than how you go about the nuts and bolts of where you post, how often, or any of the external day to day tasks. The external work is important, for sure, but it's not the fundamentals, the foundations, and one thing I know after years in this space is that:

While messaging, marketing, visibility and sales trends come and go and the advice related to each of these regularly changes, when you learn, integrate and use fundamental entrepreneurial skills, that’s how you navigate these changes and it’s these personal skills that will be with you for the lifetime of your business.

You can build the heart-led, impact driven business that's in your heart and mind. Build the Business
Owner to help you do so.

Elle xo

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