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What I've learned from 7+ years in the online space

December 04, 20235 min read

I’ve been in the online business space for more than seven years now and, for a lot of that time, I’ve found the experience of building a business energetically and mentally draining.

This was especially true when I started my first business in 2016 when, although I knew I had A LOT to learn about business and was really excited to start doing so, I was focusing so much on the external ‘businessy’ stuff like marketing, which social media platform to focus on and how to set up an email service provider that I was completely caught out by what an experience in personal development that starting a business would be.

It wasn’t long before I started doubting myself and my abilities, thinking I should know more than I actually did, feeling like everything was a priority, so I found myself going round in circles hopping from website to bios to nurture sequences to SEO to branding to website to bios… You get the picture.

I thought if I could just get past that and ‘muddle through’ till my business ‘worked’ that it would all be much easier from there.

And it was, to an extent. 

Pretty quickly I knew what a lead magnet was, I knew what I was wanting to sell and had a marketing / visibility strategy of sorts to get on with. I was ready for the clients, the income, the shiny future I saw everywhere online. 

And heard about on every Livestream and free Masterclass I dutifully signed up for in the name of ‘learning’.

I could go on and on like this, but the main point is it always sort of got better but didn’t.

I was still sometimes overwhelmed, sometimes stuck, sometimes drained, sometimes hopeful…

But ALWAYS still looking for the way to ‘do it right’ or for someone who had ‘the answer’

In other words, and long, tedious story short, I stayed in a ‘newbie’ mentality long after I should have been acting like the (qualified, experienced) adult that I am.

I thought there must be more I needed to KNOW and LEARN before I was able to DO.

I reckon it might be the same for you? Because here’s the thing:

=>You KNOW what you need to do (get visible, promote and sell consistently)

=>You KNOW there’s no ONE BEST WAY to do that

=>You KNOW that you’re bringing your own unique talents, skills, qualifications, experiences, background, beliefs and view of the world to the table and

=> You KNOW that’s the BEST news for your business

So while your business is all about your clients and customers and what you can do for them

Your approach to your business, your feelings within it and your experience of it day-to-day, that’s all about YOU. (And how you build yourself as a business owner in order to build a business).

Yes, other people may have more experience in the online business space and you can learn from them.

But they don’t have access to ‘the answers’ because there’s no such thing (even though we’ll probably ALL forever at some points wish there were).

I like to look at the online business space in the best light, because there are some wonderful people here (you’re most likely one of them). I believe most people are sharing what’s worked for them with the intention that it will work for others too.

Yes, it’s wrapped up in the marketing package of three point plans or blueprints and this is the way to make Xk months because 

=>It’s possible regardless of the strategy/platform/tactics and 

=>That’s what we all want, so that’s what marketing speaks to (that’s its job)

But, ultimately, it’s your job as the owner (leader) of your business to be discerning, learn to read marketing messages as well as learn to write them and decide what’s best for you and your business yourself.

With the support of a coach or mentor, if you choose.

Because of everything I’ve said above, I believe the best next step you could take if you want to grow your online business is to click the link below and find out how my four month 1:1 mentoring and training programme can help you when it comes to being discerning, making decisive decisions that lift you out of analysis paralysis, trusting yourself and your decision making ability.

DITCH the overwhelm associated with constantly looking for answers outside yourself and DEVELOP THE CAPACITY to take the visibility/promotion/sales actions your business needs you to take, without feeling like you’re being thrown about by mid-Atlantic winter waves, so that instead you can get on with the business of attracting ideal clients, growing your soulmate community and finally achieving your impact and income goals.

I’ve got two spots available at the time of writing - find out if you want to maybe get one of these for yourself and take charge of your own development as we head towards the end of the year and into 2024. Click here to find out more.

Elle xo

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