Becoming your CEO self

Join me for a four-month 1:1 VIP mentorship and training programme for visionary changemakers who want to leverage the power of online business to create personal wealth and positively impact the world

You KNOW you’re here to be part of the paradigm shift in leadership that the world needs right now, which is why it’s time to take your business to the next level through leadership mentoring and training designed specifically for online solopreneurs and micro business owners who want to show up and share their message confidently and consistently to attract kindred soul clients and a like-hearted community.

Even though I’m not really a gambling girl, I’m willing to bet that, although you knew it wouldn’t be easy to grow your online audience, sign clients into your heart-led services or make the amount of revenue you’ve got your sights on, it’s definitely feeling harder than you thought it would. 

I know how you feel and that why Live into Leadership is for you if you’re fed up with:

  • Wasting time Googling for answers, downloading freebies or attending all the live streams you can lay your eyes on

  • Overthinking and getting stuck in analysis paralysis (Which strategy? Which platform? Which lead magnet? Which coach? Aargh!)

  • Jumping from social media platform to social media platform excitedly determined to dive full on into this next one, only to find that you experience the same disappointment and frustration as you did with the last

  • Burning through your savings and energy (while forcing yourself to ‘believe’ and stay upbeat)

And you’re realising that the missing piece in creating the income + impact you want is in YOU being able to OWN your worth as a CEO and make your own decisions powerfully so you don't keep wasting all your time consuming other people's content in the hopes that you can 'crack their code to success.'

Instead you know that it’s time to FOCUS on becoming the leader your business needs (The one who attracts the audience, signs the clients, makes the money and positively impacts the world without burning out and giving up - you’ve seen it happen for others, why wouldn’t all the possibilities be available to you too?)

Having been in the online business space for more than seven years now, I’ve seen (and experienced) the gap between the business you want to build (the one that gives you total autonomy over your schedule, freedom of time and location and the income and profit that allows you the lifestyle that brings you joy and peace of mind as well as the cash to support the people and causes you love) and the place you find yourself in after you’ve taken the leap from ‘a proper job’ and become swamped by the demands of entrepreneurship and the noise in the online business space that tells you:

  • ‘Do this,’ 

  • ‘No, do this’, 

  • ‘No, follow this 3 point plan’ to build your business (and become a squidoolionaire in five minutes flat)

It’s no wonder that either you’re stuck, frozen in indecision, unsure of the next step to take to grow your audience, make sales or make any progress whatsoever, really, because you’re afraid of making the ‘wrong’ choice and wasting (more?) time, energy and money

Or you’re overworked and overwhelmed as you try to do everything and end up unable to tell what, if anything, is working. 

Either way, you’ve realised there’s so much conflicting information and advice on what to do to grow your business, what are you actually going to do? Who can you trust and how can you tell who knows genuinely what they’re talking about?

I get 100% that it’s hard to know who to listen to, if anyone (which means you find yourself trying to listen to everyone), as you nervously hope that you’ll  ‘come across’ the right information, ‘crack’ a non-existent code or ‘stumble across’ an affordable (because your savings are dwindling) saviour coach.

That’s why I believe in the importance of learning how to think and act like an entrepreneurial leader in your business, AKA step into your CEO shoes,  so that you can make clear and confident decisions that you trust (and want to stick to) for yourself and that’s why I want to help you learn how to do it.

Ever felt like everyone else knows something you don’t about how business works in the online space? 

I have absolutely felt like that and know for sure that it’s a recipe for confusion, self-doubt and disappointment, NOT for an interested audience, soulmate clients and the revenue you were expecting to achieve when you first started your business.

And, listen, I know it’s a shock too and feels horrible, because you were great at your 9-5. Perhaps now you privately feel like a total failure, wondering if you just don’t have what it takes to create and sustain the impactful business that’s on your heart and mind?

Let’s address that one right now. You ARE good enough. Absolutely. And the possibilities you’ve seen in the online space are as available to you as anyone else, but here’s what I want you to consider:

If you were to take on a leadership position in a traditional employment setting, would you expect to be appropriately trained?

So why do you think you can wing it, or somehow automatically know how to do it, now?

Because that’s really what you’ve done. You’ve taken on a brand new entrepreneurial leadership position by starting your own business.

I didn’t think of it that way either when I started my first business in the online space in 2016 (I just wanted folk to love and buy the eco-friendly stationery I’d designed). But here’s the thing:

There’s a lot to say on this topic, the short version being that the way we’re brought up (certainly in western society, which is my experience) makes us good employees, not natural entrepreneurs. Since that’s the short version, it’s a generalisation, but think about it:

  • Were you raised to do what you were told?

  • Were you praised for doing the ‘right’ thing? 

  • Was there a path you were ‘expected’ to follow? (eg school → uni → job → settle down etc)

If you recognise that picture at all, it’s no wonder that when we make the big, bold shift from 'traditional' employment to entrepreneurship, we’re susceptible to trying to find the ‘right’ answers as to what to say and do in other people’s content, blueprints, 3 point plans and the array of tactics that worked for them. 

By and large, we’re not taught to THINK LIKE entrepreneurs. We’re not taught to think the term LEADERSHIP applies to solopreneurs or business owners with 1 or 2 of a team

And, as a result, we don’t APPROACH building a business with a business building frame of mind, which is why you find yourself:

  • Believing that the next mini-course, workshop or masterclass you’re offered will contain the nugget of wisdom you need for everything to fall into place

  • Trying to emulate the approach of that business owner you admire so much (and envy at least a bit)

  • Feeling demoralised and deflated, wondering if you’re just not ‘up to it’ and worrying that you might have to go back to another potential limiting, soul sucking job

This is such a familiar story to me and I reckon we’ve all felt this way at some time or another

But you can change that for yourself and your business now so that you can have trust and confidence in the decisions you make, show up consistently for the business actions you need to take to get yourself in front of the people who want to buy from you and therefore create the revenue and impact results that you know you’re here to achieve.

If you:

  • Have started your business and understand the basics of how the online business space operates

    (By ‘basics’ I mean you generally know who your ideal client is, the product / service you want to provide and you’re up and running, whether you’ve made steady sales, some sales or no sales at all)

  • Are frustrated by how much you’re doing for the results (or lack of results) you’re currently seeing and

  • Are sick of feeling STALLED and STUCK and instead are READY TO CLAIM the success, fulfilment and impact that you started your business to create

Apply now* to join LIVE INTO LEADERSHIP

There are only TWO spots open right now, so don’t delay in applying. 

*Completing the application doesn’t guarantee acceptance and it doesn’t obligate you to accept a spot if offered so, if you’re debating about applying, why not just go for it? You’ve nothing to lose, really, because even filling in the application should give you some clarity on where you’re currently at in your business and what you want to do next. I would love to hear from you!

I want to save you time and hassle so that you can get on with being the visionary, changemaker and leader you’re on earth to be (because the world absolutely needs you STAT), which is why my focus is to provide you with the entrepreneurial leadership development training and mentoring you need (which I call building the business owner who builds the business, so that you can show up and share your message confidently and consistently to attract kindred soul clients and the like-hearted community you want to lead).

Live into Leadership is a four-month high touch 1:1 mentorship and training programme for solopreneurs (or business owners with 1 or 2 of a team) who want to cut through all the noise and confusion in the online space and grow a sustainable, heart-led, business with clarity and confidence so that they can leverage the opportunities of online business to create personal wealth and positively impact the world by signing those ideal clients, creating that programme, writing that book, hosting that retreat or whatever is on your heart and mind to achieve…

You’ll not only receive foundational training so that you understand what influences your leadership identity, mindset and daily actions, but I’ll be with you every step of the way through guided as well as open topic 1:1 sessions so that you have a well-rounded experience that teaches you how to think like an entrepreneur, apply that teaching to your own business and so that you approach your business with this mindset and act like your business’ CEO every day. 

That’s the place from which you build your thriving and sustainable business because that’s the place from which you show up and share with confidence to attract, convert and impact the ideal clients you desire.

That’s what you WANT to do and you KNOW that it’s possible.

Would you have read this far down the page if you didn’t, even if only somewhere deep down, believe it’s true?

In case we don’t know each other that well yet, I’m Elle Turner, a leadership development specialist and guide for online solopreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development is the umbrella term I use for personal development for solopreneurs, taking a leadership approach to business and cultivating, managing and maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset.

In other words, I’m a CEO mentor for solopreneurs and micro-business owners who are ready to level up their entrepreneurial approach so that they can build a thriving, fulfilling, impactful and sustainable business that they’re proud of.

My Build the Business Owner method draws on my background in Sociology (remember the societal conditioning that we talked about that makes us good employees?) almost 20 years in HR (which champions people-focused leadership in business) and now 7 years’ experience in the online space (gut-wrenching first eco-friendly stationery “failure” business and all) to help you unlock the powerhouse version of yourself that’s still under wraps.

Here’s the plan:

Inside Live into Leadership you’ll get:

1 x 60 minute leadership audit and goal setting exercise to start our time together so that we can pinpoint exactly the work that will serve you best at this time and stage of your business

Two 45-minute private calls per month so that i can help you implement the training into your business according to what you and your business need:

One call guided by that month’s module, or a specific topic from a range we’ll discuss on our audit and goal setting call and

One open topic call so that we can dig into the hot topics in your business at the time

A four module Entrepreneurial Leadership Development training course, pre-recorded and available for you to revisit as your knowledge grows so that you can dive into everything you need to look at your business through CEO eyes and be the leader your business needs to attract, convert and impact your kindred soul clients and community

1 x 45-minute wrap up call so that you have an action plan to continue your progress

BONUS: In between support M-F 9am-4pm UK time for the questions that come up between calls

BONUS: Free access to my short self-study course True Time Management for new & experienced Solopreneurs

If you’re looking for specialist guidance and support that will help you, not only for the duration of the programme but for the life of your business, so that you can be the changemaker you are here to be, become the CEO you are. Apply now*.

Investment: Four payments of £1050 per month for four months totalling £4200 for the programme or

£4000 (giving you a £200 discount) if you pay in full upfront


What’s the difference between what you’re offering and business coaching?

Business Coaching services vary hugely but, in my experience, a Business Coach focuses more so on the external work in your business (Your messaging, your visibility strategy, your sales process, your systems etc) with perhaps some element of mindset work too. 

I’m not a Business Coach, I’m an Entrepreneurial Leadership Development specialist and guide which means I focus on helping you develop your own ability to manage the external work of your business through focusing on developing the personal qualities that enable you to do so. 

By that I mean, through:

  • Enhancing your ability to make decisive decisions, trust them and stick to them so that you get out of the stop-start stuckness cycle and instead feel confident to show up and share consistently to get your work in front of your ideal clients

  • Understanding what influences your thoughts and feelings and then using this understanding daily to your business’ advantage so that you're not derailed by self doubt, fear, or the many other pitfalls of humanness that like to show themselves when we think about taking big, bold business actions!

  • Knowing how to: make the best use of your time and energy; lead yourself, your business and your community; be comfortable with facing discomfort when taking action - really the pieces that enhance your ability to think and act like a CEO and approach your business (and its external day to day work) with this frame of mind.

Where messaging, marketing, visibility and sales trends come and go and the advice related to each of these regularly changes, when you learn, integrate and utilise fundamental entrepreneurial leadership development skills, they will be with you for the lifetime of your business.

Will this help me make money in my business?

That’s the idea, but it’s definitely not a promise I can make (and nor should any service provider) because I’m not you. It’s your own combination of circumstances, abilities, effort, intention, experience and the like that will impact your own results. See the standard Earnings Disclaimer on my website for more detail.

What that really means is (apparently just like with the gym equipment gathering dust in my garage), it only works if you use the tool to DO the thing. That’s good news in this case, though, isn’t it, because you want to use the content and support available here to help you create the success that you know is possible for you.

The work we’ll do is designed to benefit you for the lifetime of your business. It’s not about me being able to say ‘My client made their investment back within X time of joining the programme’. I want you to make your investment back as many times over as the business you choose to build allows. However, control of the timeline for that is not in either of our hands. 

To make your decision as to whether or not to apply, it may help you to consider what you’re ‘losing’ in terms of time, energy and money in your business by, for example, overthinking, scouring live streams, podcasts and free masterclasses for ‘answers’ and wondering what you’re missing because ‘everyone else’ is making sales and you’re not, instead of investing in uplevelling your own ability to solve your business’ ‘problems’.

How do I know you’re legit?

I’m glad you asked this, because finding a mentor you trust can feel difficult in the online space.

To claim my position as an Entrepreneurial Leadership Development specialist and guide for online business owners, I’ve combined my background in Sociology, almost 20 years in Human Resources and now over seven years in the online space which means I’m bring 30 years of relevant knowledge and experience to the table (Although, between you and me, I don’t add it up like that very often because it makes me feel old).

If you want to get to know me better, listen to my podcast, Taking It Personally. In particular, in Episode 91 I’ve shared my perspective on the relationship between my work and you making money (as relevant to your last question) and, in Episode 93, my take on how to read online marketing to help you feel safer when making decisions on where to invest. I’ve also tackled the thorny topic in Episode 94 of Responsibility, Results and Resentment when it comes to investing in coaching, mentoring or training support or similar in your online business. The podcast should help you start to gauge how my mind works!

Also, we’d hop on a zoom call before making our (yours and my) final decision following your application. You can ask me whatever’s on your mind then!

Do I have to get on a call with you? I don’t want to experience a hard sell

Oh, I know, how grim is that? Awkward. 

I’ll be approaching our call with these points in mind:

I want you to be as excited the day after you invest in my offers as you are the minute you sign up. (It’s part of building your CEO mindset to make investment decisions objectively, so I want to help you to think in this way from the get-go)

The last thing I want or need, or that my business wants or needs, is a client who doesn’t want to be one. That would be the ultimate pain in the bum, don’t you think? 

Long story short, you won’t experience a ‘hard sell’ from me.

I haven’t started my business yet. Should I still apply?

I see this programme being of most benefit to you if you understand the basics of online business (for example, you know who your ideal client is) and you know the product or service you want to provide.

You don’t need to have been in business for a certain length of time or made a specific number of (or, indeed, any)  sales to jump on the offer. However, if you’re absolutely brand new to business and don’t yet know what you want to provide, a better plan would be to join my email list and take advantage of the free content on my Podcast and social media. That’ll introduce you to me, the work I do (and the Build the Business Owner philosophy) while you get started and you can dive into the paid programme when you’re ready.

You can join my email list and find the podcast via my website

What’s the investment? Is there a payment plan?

It’s four payments of £1050 per month for four months totalling £4200 for the programme.

It’s £4000 (giving you a £200 discount) if you pay in full upfront.

How is the programme delivered?

You will receive log-in details to the programme portal for the pre-recorded training and worksheets. Your device will need to be able to open and read PDFs.

The 1:1 calls will take place on Zoom. This is a semi-structured programme that builds in accountability to help maintain momentum. You'll be asked to book your 1:1 calls according to a timetable to help you get the most from the programme (although please know I'll always be happy to talk about any particularly flexibilities you might need to see what we can do. I'm well aware sometimes life just happens, doesn't it!)

How long do I have access to the materials?

You’ll have access to the online course content for 12 months. 

The course welcome email will detail the timescales for booking and attending the one-to-one online sessions.

What’s the refund policy?

It’s very important to me that you have a good experience with my business, so if you have any concerns at all about the programme, please contact me (elleATelleturnerDOTme). 

As you are buying in a business capacity, that is, for purposes related to your trade, business, craft or profession, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 do not apply. Therefore, there are no refunds.

I have another question. How can I ask it?

Email me (elleATelleturnerDOTme) and I’ll get back to you personally. 

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