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It's time to change your experience of business

November 01, 20235 min read

If you’re mashing your brain thinking about what to do next in your business that will ‘work’ so that you can SEE the results you want

If you feel STUCK, overwhelmed by all the options, scared of making the ‘wrong’ choice and wasting more time, money and energy taking all the ‘gurus’ advice


If you’re in the exhausting cycle of overworking, but thinking you somehow need to find the time to do MORE, and constantly feel like you’re starting again and again trying to get something to stick

Then you KNOW it’s time for you to change your experience of your business, in fact you probably feel that change is long overdue.

I get it because I spent way too many years faffing around in the online space before I REALLY learned how to APPROACH growing my business and (equally, if not more importantly), how to be a business owner, AKA the leader* my biz needs. 

(*Yes, even as a solopreneur. I know thinking of yourself as a leader feels weird when your biz is just you and the cat, but it’s necessary and can make a BIG difference in how you feel about your business day-to-day).

That’s why I now know for sure that, if you’re a heart-led, impact driven human with a strong desire to grow a successful and fulfilling business:

You need to Build the Business Owner so that you can build the business.

Building the Business Owner means being able to:

  1. Make solid decisions you can stick to

  • Less overwhelm and burnout from the daily grind because you're rock-solid on your decisions and KNOW that you can put them into action and make them work

  • More TIME to take action on attracting, converting and impacting the IDEAL clients you want to work with, because you're no longer stuck in analysis paralysis (rearranging your sock drawer for the thirty millionth time instead of doing the work that you LOVE)

  1. Take confident and consistent action to grow your business

  • Show up for you business consistently because you've ditched your visibility fears and know sharing your genius will grow your business towards achieving the income and impact you want

  • Know that you’re making the best use of your time because you’re confidently focusing on growing your audience and making sales in your business (instead of getting hauled off course when others market the next ‘must-do’ activity)

  • EVALUATE the results of your actions to make INFORMED tweaks or changes to your strategy, satisfied that you're NOT wasting your time, money or energy (instead of trying something shiny and new, yet again, with eyes shut and fingers crossed)

  1. Trust yourself and your entrepreneurial ability

  • KNOW that YOU can find or create solutions to whatever comes up in your business which relieves the pressure and reduces internal conflict so that making decisions and taking action truly feels easier

  • Know and GENUINELY believe that you’ve got what it takes to grow your business sustainably because you’re consistently showing up and taking intentional action (instead of just hoping that one day the affirmations you’ve been so diligently repeating will ‘work’)

Here’s the bottom line:

What do you want?

  • To KNOW you can grow the business you want?

  • To achieve the abundant, dream lifestyle and positive impact that is possible when you have a thriving (and fulfiling) heart-led business?

  • To happily and confidently be in business for the long-term?

What’s going to help you achieve it?

Growing your presence and following on IG?

A killer freebie that will attract ideal clients onto your email list?

An engaged FB group?

Getting to know people in the DMs?

The truth is, ANY of that, or NONE of it, because the SUCCESS or otherwise of any EXTERNAL business action you choose depends on your ability to:

  • MAKE and TRUST your decisions AND stick to them

  • Handle the emotions that come with the results you experience (the good, the not so good and the non-existent)

  • Self-LEAD and back yourself DAILY

  • Take quality action, not just action for action’s sake (Who’s experienced the scored out to do list many times while actually being no further forward. Me too.)

Here’s the thing. If you KNOW something needs to change and you want to create a different experience of your business (one where you’re not constantly spinning your wheels, doubting your abilities and wondering what everyone else knows that you don’t) but INSTEAD take action that’s good for you AND your business

Then what you’re actually saying is that you need to Build the Business Owner who Builds the Business.

As luck would have it, I build business owners. ;-)

More specifically, I help Business Owners grow into the heart-led CEOs they need to be to grow their successful, fulfilling, impactful business with clarity and confidence.

DM me on Instagram (@elleturner_writer) and let’s set up a no pressure, no obligation call to talk about where you’re at in your business, what you WANT (AKA your big business goals) and how I can support you through 1:1 VIP mentorship and training so that you can create a different experience of your business and become the business owner you want to be

It’s your business and you deserve to enjoy it.

Elle xo

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