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If I could wave a magic wand and have you know and believe ONE thing for 2024 (and beyond), it would be this

January 08, 20247 min read

Welcome to the first blog post of 2024! So good to see you here!

If we don’t know each other very well yet, here’s a short introduction:

I’m Elle and I’m an Entrepreneurial Leadership Development specialist and guide for heart-led solopreneurs and business owners with 1 or 2 of a team who want to leverage the many opportunities of online business to create both personal wealth and to have a positive impact in the world.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development is the umbrella term I use for leadership (which is important even as a solopreneur or micro-business owner, because if you have your own business, you’re in an entrepreneurial leadership role), personal development for entrepreneurs, cultivating a CEO mindset and approaching your business from this foundation.

I believe, and know from my experience of being in the online business space for more than seven years now, that you need to Build the Business Owner to Build the Business, which is what I’m here to help you to do.

So, if you’re a heart-led, impact driven business owner who knows (even if only deep down at the moment) that you’re a visionary, a changemaker and you want to show up consistently in your business as the flawed human and perfect spirit that you are to confidently and consistently attract kindred soul clients and a like-hearted community, then you’re in the right place.

Today, let’s start as we mean to go on. I want to get straight to the heart of the matter and say, If I could wave a magic wand as we start this new year in business and get you to know and believe one thing to make your life easier as you grow your business, it would be this:

Where the requirements of the external, front-facing work in business changes 

(So, messaging, marketing, visibility and sales trends)

While they come and go, and the advice related to each of these regularly changes, 

When you learn, integrate and utilise fundamental entrepreneurial leadership development skills, they will be with you for the lifetime of your business 

To inform the decisions that you make, and the actions that you take, to grow your business and achieve the vision for your business and life that’s in your heart and mind at the moment.

Because here’s the thing, like I said, I’ve been in the online space for more than seven years now and, throughout this time, I’ve witnessed the rise and fall in popularity of different messages, media and different approaches to business through content marketing.

For example:

=>Online courses took a battering as being cookie cutter in favour of 1:1 services for a long while

=>Confusion over the difference between a Mastermind and Group Programme led to larger containers being criticised in favour of smaller ones

=>There was a surge in using energy and manifestation as business growth strategies until last year when we started to see a swing back the other way to marketing speaking more again to the importance of practically rooted strategies as well.

That’s really interesting, and happens in all areas of life, with fashion being a really obvious example. Trends come and go and, if you’re around long enough, they come round again… (ahem)

But back to business!

It’s important to understand that there’s a line between recognising trends and being relevant in today’s market

And basing everything you do on the flavour of the month, so that when it changes, you feel all at sea, you feel you need to change your approach, and you constantly feel like you’re being thrown around from strategy to strategy or platform to platform (because the online business space changes fast).

Looking back at the examples above, some truth can be found in all of the messages:

=>Online courses are a better medium that one to one in some situations and for some topics and vice versa

=>Sometimes a large container works well, sometimes a more intimate one is a better idea

=>Your mindset and energy are important in business, I 100% agree with that, but so are the more grounded day to day actions such as doing the work (which I know makes for a far less exciting message!)

But, in a changing online world:

YOU and YOUR APPROACH are the constants in your business, because YOU determine:

=>How you MAKE DECISIONS about where the line is for you between being cognisant of (messaging, marketing, visibility, sales etc) trends, without being at the mercy of them

=>How you TRUST the decisions you make and stick to them until you have something to measure, rather than just throwing in the towel when you don’t see results in an emotionally comfortable timeframe

=>How you cultivate DISCERNMENT in a world where marketing tells you this is THE thing that’s going to grow your business so that you’re tempted to hop around in the hope that that’s all it’ll take

And all that comes from your recognition and prioritising of your own development as a business owner.

Yes, the external, front-facing work of business is important, but it’s the way you take action on that external work that’s key.

I am very passionate about this, not only because I’ve seen it play out because of the length of time I’ve been in the online space, but because it’s what I’ve been talking about for years based on my own background in Sociology, HR -  which is the profession that recognises (or should recognise) the importance of people and their leadership in business) and I’ve adapted my 20 or so years in that field to solo and micro-preneurship - and my own extensive personal development explorations and growth.

If you recognise this as a gap for you, or the missing piece in you being able to own your entrepreneurial leadership position, and take action in your business from that place so that you can bring what you want in terms of clients, community, income and impact into your reality, you may be interested in Live into Leadership, my 1:1 mentoring and training programme.

I created it to help you:

=>Enhance your ability to make decisive decisions, trust them and stick to them so that you get out of the stop-start stuckness cycle

=>Understand what influences your thoughts and feelings and then using this understanding daily to your business’ advantage

=>Know how to: make the best use of your time and energy; lead yourself, your business and your community; be comfortable with facing discomfort when taking action - really the pieces that enhance your ability to think and act like a CEO and approach your business (and its external day to day work) with this frame of mind.

If you feel that this might be the right step for you and your business as we start this New Year, there’s a link below to find out more (and you can find me in the DMs on Instagram @elleturner_writer  if you have any questions).

Elle xo

Live into Leadership: Become your CEO self

Join me for a four-month 1:1 VIP mentorship and training programme

Entrepreneurial Leadership mentoring and training designed specifically for online solopreneurs and micro business owners who want to show up and share their message confidently and consistently in the online space to attract kindred soul clients and a like-hearted community  and so that they can leverage the power of online business to create personal wealth and positively impact the world.


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