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You're looking at the Bridesmaid, not the Bride

October 02, 20237 min read

(AKA how to SHIFT YOUR FOCUS so that you can finally make consistent sales, get more clients and achieve the business results you’ve been working so hard for)

If there’s something in your heart and soul that tells you you’re a visionary, a changemaker and are meant for more than you’ve experienced in your business so far, there’s something SO IMPORTANT I want to share with you that you NEED to hear.

I TRULY believe that it’s a heart-led, impact driven person like you who’s going to be part of the paradigm shift in leadership that the world needs RIGHT NOW.

Which can feel a bit ‘out there’ when all you want at the moment is to know how to reliably make money in your business, but stick with me for a minute, because it’s all related.

I KNOW right down to my toes that YOU’RE RIGHT. It’s through growing an amazingly successful business that you’ll be able to fulfil your potential and BE the visionary, changemaker and leader you know you are (even though plenty of days you don’t FEEL like it. I get it, you’re not alone. We ALL have the humanness to contend with!) Which is where the importance of focusing on your leadership of your business comes in and that’s exactly what I can help you with.

Because the thing is, I’m willing to bet (only because I did this myself for YEARS, not because I’m a gambling girl) that you’re pushing the wrong button to open the door to your success.

Here’s what I mean.

You want to grow your AUDIENCE so that you have people you can serve with your services

So you want to find out exactly WHAT TO SAY and exactly WHERE TO SAY IT so that you can draw the most amount of people to you with the least amount of work (that’s not greedy or lazy, that’s smart)

You want to CONVERT your audience into clients

So you want to find out what to say to get them to take the buying action (preferably without you having to be so explicit that you feel humiliated by rejection if they don’t)

You want to earn more MONEY (because that’s crucial to the sustainability and growth of your business)

So you look for someone who will tell you the three steps to successful sales or how to raise your prices without putting people off you and making them think you’re a scammer in the hope that you’ll come across the ‘right’ answer that will make the whole process feel less squirmy.

The problem is, you can look to all the online ‘gurus’ for ‘the secret’, listen to a plethora of podcasts for ‘the answer’ and watch energetic, inspiring livestreams until you run out of time to actually DO anything that will move your business forward…

WITHOUT REALISING that you’re actually focusing on, and prioritising, almost the OPPOSITE of what will actually help you.

Which sounds bonkers, I know, but I’ve been there and it’ll be quicker for you to learn from my mistakes than to go and repeat them all yourself, so stay with me.

You’re clever. You’re great at what you do and, yes, you have it in you to build an amazingly successful business that will allow you to: 

Provide for your family and secure their future while spending time with them NOW

=>Spend your time doing work you LOVE while feeling the freedom that comes from having autonomy over your own schedule and flexibility in your days

=>Build the wealth you desire for yourself, your family AND for supporting the changes you want to see in the world

But as long as you approach your business with an EMPLOYEE MINDSET (looking to find the ‘right’ answers as to what to say and do in other people’s content, blueprints and 3 point plans - AKA looking at the bridesmaid instead of developing your CEO self, the bride in this scenario) 

You’re not only going to stay in the frame of mind of what does everyone else know that I don’t and the indecision, self-doubt and stagnation that creates 

But you’re going to FEEL like you’re not in charge of your business or future and that your success is dependent upon 

‘Coming across’ the right information, 

‘Cracking’ a non-existent code or 

‘Stumbling across’ an affordable (because your savings are dwindling) saviour coach.

I’m being blunt only because I don’t want this for you. 

There’s no shame in being in this place, because it’s so normal it’s not funny. (I actually ended up feeling p*ssed off at how unoriginal I was being). There’s a lot to say on this topic, but the short version is that the way we’re brought up (certainly in western society which is my experience) makes us good employees, not natural entrepreneurs. Because that’s the short version, it’s a generalisation, but think about it:


Were you raised to do what you were told?

Were you praised for doing the ‘right’ thing?

Was there a path you were ‘expected’ to follow? (eg school → uni → job → settle down etc)

If you recognise that picture at all, it’s no wonder that when we make the big, bold shift to entrepreneurship, we’re susceptible to all the (mostly well-meaning) noise in the online space of 

‘Do this,’ 

‘No, do this’, 

‘No, follow this 3 point plan’ to build your business.

By and large, we’re not taught to THINK LIKE ENTREPRENEURS

We’re not taught to think the term LEADERSHIP applies to solopreneurs or business owners with 1 or 2 of a team

So we don’t APPROACH building a business with a business building frame of mind.

Question: If you were to take on a leadership position in a traditional employment setting, would you expect to be appropriately trained?

So why do you think you can wing it, or somehow automatically know how to do it, in your business?

Again, no shame. That’s what I did when I started my first business in the online space in 2016 (even though I didn’t realise it and couldn’t articulate it that way at the time).

But, like I said, I want to save you time and hassle so that you can get on with being the visionary, changemaker and leader you really are, which is why my focus is to provide you with entrepreneurial leadership development training, which I call building the business owner who builds the business.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development is the umbrella term I use for personal development for solopreneurs, taking a leadership approach to business and cultivating, managing and maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset. My Build the Business Owner method draws on my background in Sociology (remember the societal conditioning we talked about?) almost 20 years in HR (which champions people-focused leadership in business) and now 7 years’ experience in the online space to help you unlock the powerhouse version of yourself that’s still under wraps.

If you know it’s your time to STOP being the stuck, overwhelmed, self-doubting service provider 

And instead be the CLEAR, CONFIDENT CEO of the heart-led, impact driven business you’ve always wanted because YOU know what to do to move forward 

(AKA how FOCUS on what’s going to help you make real progress in your business, such as getting in front of the right people and bringing in more clients to serve - the things we all want, right?)

Then DM me “I’M READY FOR MORE” and let’s decide on your next CEO step so that you can create the heart-led, impact driven success you’re here for. 

Elle xo

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