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The missing piece for heart-led solopreneurs in online business

July 03, 20238 min read

It's how do you think (Not what do you think)

If you’re feeling uncertain about the ‘right’ next step to take in your business to help you achieve your goals, then this post is for you.

Perhaps you’re considering so many options, after all there are so many options for action in business, that you literally feel STUCK, frozen in analysis paralysis because you don’t want to waste your precious time, money and energy on activities that aren’t going to get you where you want to go.

Or perhaps you’re absolutely overwhelmed, trying to do #allthethings and implement the knowledge you’ve amassed from freebies, live streams, webinars, challenges, courses, masterclasses - the list feels endless, as does your to do list, and yet:

You’re not seeing the results you want in your business

You’re not experiencing a return for all the time, energy and commitment you’re giving your business and

You’re fed up with it. You’re actually starting to wonder if you’re really cut out for business and how long you can continue to justify pursuing your ‘dream’.

I absolutely know how you feel because I’ve felt like that too. And I know that it’s so demoralising, worrying, tiring and frustrating because YOU KNOW that you could create your heart-led, impactful business

The one that gives you the autonomy, flexibility, freedom and job satisfaction you crave

The one that allows you to take your earning potential into your own hands

The one that is the vehicle for you to secure the lifestyle you want

If only you could stop spinning your wheels and instead gain the clarity and confidence you need to take action in a way that shows you results, like you attracting, converting and impacting your ideal clients so that you know you can reliably sustain and grow your business.

If that sounds familiar then the question I want you to ask yourself is Am I approaching my business actions with an entrepreneurial mindset?

Because, here’s the thing. This is something I know from experience to be so important when it comes to running a business and I believe it’s the missing piece for so many solopreneurs in the online space who are expressing uncertainty about the next step to take in their business.

I’ve been in the online business space for around 6-7 years now (practically a dinosaur in online business terms!) and spent a long time experiencing feeling overwhelmed, stuck and not 'cut out' for business because I was focusing so hard on what to DO to make progress (should I be on this social media platform or that social media platform, should I focus on growing an email list or a Facebook group where I could do livestreams, should I create a new offer or a new freebie, how can I get traffic to my website)

Without paying any attention to how it was making me feel on a daily basis to consistently experience uncertainty, indecision, self-doubt, overwhelm and fear of making the ‘wrong’ choices that would waste yet more time, money and energy and leave me no further forward.

I didn’t wake up one day and think, ‘Hey, what if I approach my business with an entrepreneurial mindset?’ because who does?

But I slowly realised mindset work was important to manage my feelings, thoughts and energy on a day-to-day basis and then I slowly realised that constantly spinning my wheels looking around for answers, shortcuts or a specific catalyst for success was leaving me feeling very out of control, in the sense that I didn’t feel grounded. I didn’t feel I had personal power or agency in my business and was continually trying to work on the (very many) options that others claimed to be the ‘secret’ to ‘success’.

The primary problem with being stuck in that space is that it’s the ability to harness our personal power and take our future and potential into our own hands that is the basis for taking quality action as a solopreneur.

It’s entrepreneurial leadership development and approaching business actions with an entrepreneurial mindset that enables you to harness that personal power, which is really just a fancy way of saying that it enables you to make decisive decisions, take consistent and confident action, keep the faith when biz isn't going to plan, stick to your own path and embody and display self trust, self awareness and the willingness to approach your business differently for the sake of the results you desire.

Thinking as an entrepreneur means:

Taking personal responsibility, stoking your inner fire of self-knowledge, self awareness and self trust so that you’re delighted to have the personal responsibility of growing a business and so that you make decisions and take actions from that place, both for yourself and for your business, knowing and understanding that you and your business are different entities and that it’s your responsibility to give your business what it needs from you so that ultimately you can get what you need from your business. 

The truth of the matter is that:

Your business doesn’t need you hopping from platform to platform without sticking to one long enough so that you can collect data to evaluate then objectively make decisions about the time you spend and where you spend it

Your business doesn’t need you taking course after course or programme after programme looking for it to hold an answer that you’ve previously overlooked so that you can say, 'Phew thank goodness I lucked out and stumbled across that'

However, that doesn’t mean never change platforms or never take another programme, it means do so intentionally, from a place of personal power, not from a place of searching for something, somewhere that is going to make your business ‘work’. 

I only say that because I’ve been there and it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel liberating and it doesn’t feel like the goals and dreams you have for your business will make it into your reality. 

And we want to change that.

Approaching your business with an entrepreneurial mindset, thinking like your business’ leader as a solopreneur, is a skill you can learn. If you have a traditional 9-5/corporate background (as I have) you’ll know that’s not a route that encourages or teaches thinking like an entrepreneur because, for one thing, it’s not a skill that’s necessary as an employee. It’s no wonder, therefore, that we don’t have that skill to transfer to our own online business. We haven't been taught it and we don’t realise we need it.

We’ve been taught how to be employees which is why we have a tendency to:

Think there’s an answer ‘elsewhere’ that someone else will tell us, 

Get caught up ticking things off a to do list and calling it progress even though it seems to bring us no closer to the actual result we want and

It’s why we’re susceptible to the programmes and courses that offer X steps to create Y create because we’re used to believing in a linear path (work hard at X and you’ll achieve Y)

But building a business isn’t like that and that’s why, through my business, I plug that gap and facilitate your shift from employee mindset to entrepreneurial mindset. It's why I give you the tools to support that shift on an ongoing basis so that you can take the actions that grow your business from the place of your ‘personal power’.

What do you want from your business for your life?

Whether you want to sell beautiful products that bring others joy and allow you the lifestyle you want; offer services that support others to create what they want, positively impacting those around you and / or extend your impact to millions around the globe

Whatever your desires are, it’s approaching your business with an entrepreneurial mindset that will help you achieve them.

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Elle xo

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