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Let's talk about the action you're taking in your business AND what it's getting you

April 02, 20245 min read

This post is for you if you’re a solopreneur, or business owner with 1 or 2 of a team, who wants to show up and share their message confidently and consistently to attract kindred soul clients and a like-hearted community.

Are you clear on the difference between:

What you could be doing in your business day in and day out and

What is really helping you make progress in your business?

It’s often referred to as what moves the needle versus busy work

But the thing is:

  1. Sometimes work that gets the reputation of being busy work is necessary and

  2. We, as humans in business, have a tendency towards doing work that we either 

  • Think is the right work to do, because we’ve seen someone who appears more traditionally successful than us say it is, or

  • Is comfortable work that avoids some of the more potentially ‘scary’ work, for example being visible in one or more of its various forms because of fear, of even just awkwardness, about what that might lead to

I’m NOT telling you to ignore all that and just ‘get comfortable being uncomfortable’ (even though, ultimately, discomfort is inevitable and you can embrace that feeling, I promise)

I’m wanting to show you what all this has to do with your entrepreneurial leadership development (the need to Build the Business OWNER who builds the business)

Because developing the personal qualities required of entrepreneurs (like decision making, self trust, self leadership, embracing discomfort) is what’s going to help you be able to discern between what moves the needle and doesn’t, what’s busy work and isn’t in your business right now is what’s going to help you take quality action

Instead of just action for action’s sake. 

Ticking off all the items on your to do list is only progress if it leads to the outcome you intend, a fully ticked off to do list is not an outcome in itself in business. It might well be in employment or in other areas of life, but your completed to do list is only a completed to do list if the action you’ve taken hasn’t led to one or more of raising awareness of your business, creating a connection with your potential clients, leading people towards a sale, converting a sale and then fulfilling that sale through the provision of the product or service.

However, this has to be balanced with the fact that you do, as a business owner, have other tasks that need your attention - back end systems, finances, legals being just a few…

These, and the most commonly quoted - updating your website, aren’t always busy work, they are an important part of your online business as a whole

But focusing on these aspects might be ‘busy work’ if you’re:

a) doing them at the expense of actioning awareness, connection and conversion activities or

b) doing them under the guise of ‘working’ and ‘making progress’ because there’s an underlying discomfort or feeling you're not facing up to and solving

That’s when action is just action, it’s not quality action because it’s a step removed from the action that will lead to an outcome - assuming the outcome you want is a growing audience, clients and sales and all that good stuff.

The main point is, there’s judgement involved based on where you are in business, the outcome you’re looking for, the timescale in which you want to achieve that outcome and what else needs your attention

And these are judgements that it’s your job as an entrepreneur to make

It’s your job to make the decision as to what quality action is and then to take it, trusting your decision, evaluating the outcome of that decision, taking it on the chin if you turn out to be wrong, and course correcting. 

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I think we in the online space (me included) can pussyfoot around some things that I think are undeniable

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY being a way of expressing it in a nutshell.

And the thing is - you started your business because you wanted that responsibility. I certainly did. Maybe we didn’t phrase it in that way at the time but autonomy, flexibility, freedom, defining our own version of success, creating our own pathway, having our future, income and impact potential in our own hands

That’s all just another way of phrasing taking responsibility

Because, taking responsibility doesn’t mean doing it the hard way, or going it alone, or beating yourself up for being wrong or making a mistake. 

It means seeking guidance and support when it will benefit you and your business. 

It means Building the Business Owner to Build the Business. 

If you’ve not yet embraced your own entrepreneurial development and the need to Build the Business Owner to Build the Business

Then that’s the ONLY thing you need to focus on right now so that you can have trust and confidence in the decisions you make, show up consistently for the business actions you need to take and take quality action to get yourself in front of the people who want to buy from you and therefore create the revenue and impact results that you KNOW you’re here to achieve.

My speciality is this entrepreneur training - your leadership development as a solopreneur or micro-business owner. DM me CHAT on IG (I’m at elleturner_writer) and we can set up a time for a (no obligation) call to clarify what quality action means for your business and anything that might block you from taking it so that you can attract ideal clients and achieve your income and impact potential.

Elle xo

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