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How to create visibility for you and your business

June 03, 20244 min read

Whatever business you’re in - photographer, coach, event planner, artist, copywriter - we all need to find a way to create VISIBILITY in the online space.

Whether you’re focusing on social media, speaking, YT, collaborations, you can be as clear and slick as you like as to what you’re going to do and how often you’re going to do it,

BUT if you’re standing in your own way when it comes to taking action on your strategy, then that’s the bit to focus on and take seriously. 

So often I find if we’re having a “visibility problem” we look to take a course or programme on mastering a strategy, and there’s absolutely a time and place for that, but 

If you’re not clear on what you want to express through your business, both in terms of your marketing message and your impact message (what you stand for, essentially)

If you’re not confident about showing up consistently to express these messages boldly (and boldly doesn’t mean obnoxiously, to me it means in an assured and grounded way because you solidly believe in what you’re saying and your ability to deliver)

Then you can know everything about the algorithm 

OR how to pitch people to guest on their podcasts

BUT your FOLLOW THROUGH ON THAT KNOWLEDGE, aka your action, is either going to be: 

=> Only partly as good as you KNOW it could be or

=> You’re not going to do it consistently or

You’re not going to do it at all AND

=> You’re going to be feeling so much internal conflict that you’re going to spend more time and brainspace wondering if you should give up, try another avenue or quit your business altogether.

I know this, because it was me 100%. 

I KNEW what I needed to do to get visible, but I was scared of:

=>Saying something that upset people and made me a target,

=>Breaking FB group rules and getting kicked out by the group owner, (the thought of the embarrassment made me sweat)

=>Friends and ex-colleagues seeing me online and thinking… whatever I thought they might be thinking. (I didn’t know, I just felt it might be bad and didn’t want to look stupid or feel like a laughing stock).

First of all, these are all really normal human feelings. I go into the whys and wherefores in some depth in my entrepreneur training but, the point is, the effect of these feelings is inconsistency, a lack of visibility and therefore a lack of the results we all want, like soulmate clients, a thriving community, the opportunity to help people and the revenue and impact that follows

And secondly, it feels really bad too, right? A lack of focus on Building the Business Owner, so a lack of focus on your own development (personal and leadership) as an entrepreneur makes building a business harder than it needs to be.

And my fear is it leads to too many talented people wanting to quit or thinking they’re going to have to give up their business even if they don’t want to. 

If you recognise your experience in what I’ve been saying, first of all know that I haven’t spoken with anyone in my 7+ years in the online space who doesn’t know the difficulties associated with entrepreneurship (mostly learned after becoming one) and secondly

If you know that you’re here to build a heart-led impact driven business and achieve your every heart’s desire (even if you don’t believe  you’ve got ‘evidence’ to back this up at the moment)

Then that’s what you’re here for, and I firmly believe it’s exactly what you’re capable of.

The solution lies in building the business owner who is then equipped to build the business.

Are you ready to Build the Business Owner? DM me ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING on Instagram (I'm @elleturner_writer) for a (no obligation / no pressure) request for more info.

Elle xo

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