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Does your ego look big in this (business)?

March 04, 20246 min read

Lots of activities are important for your business.

Your service delivery is its lifeblood, but important too are the marketing, visibility, promotion and sales activities that get you in front of the people who need your service so that they will buy it.

You provide what they need, your business receives the clients and revenue that allows it to be sustainable, and you achieve the income and impact goals you’re working towards.

These outward facing activities are really important but, what’s crucial is how you, as the business owner, APPROACH these activities. 

As a solopreneur or micro-business owner, your proximity to every single action that your business needs to grow AMPLIFIES the importance of your individual input and the way that you approach what you do.

Because it’s your approach, the way that you take action in your business, that determines what happens next (which is why I say you have to Build the Business Owner to be able to Build the Business).

So, who are you in and for your business and how do you approach what you need to do? 

Are you prepared to take full responsibility for what’s going on in your business?

=> Are you prepared to recognise when you need to detach from your ego and make decisions that your business needs your to make for it

=> Are you prepared to say, ‘I’m good at this, but not good at that,’ and make decisions and investments accordingly?

=> Are you prepared to recognise that keeping the faith is necessary, and put the work into doing that, instead of chucking everything in when you don’t see results as quickly as you want or expected?

=> Are you prepared to learn from others, but not look for them to ‘save’ you?

And, even more importantly, are you prepared to not only say yes to all that once but to say yes repeatedly and recognise it as the work, developing the ongoing business owner behaviour that allows you to give your business what it needs to grow?

This is what my entrepreneur training teaches you to do but, let’s be clear, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect at it nor that I can manage it day in and day out.

I’ve got an ego

I’ve got a brain that wants to keep me safe and stop me taking action that makes me feel uncomfortable

I’ve got 50+ years worth of societal conditioning to counteract

And sometimes I’m lazy. I’d love it if someone's ‘3 steps to X result’ actually worked without nuance or effort on my part. Sometimes.

That’s ALL part of being human

And that’s why the outward facing actions such as marketing, promotion and sales can be executed in the same way by multiple people and have multiple different outcomes

Because it’s approach to the action that leads to the outcome, not the action itself

(For example, posting on social media is posting on social media whether you do it from an empowered place, a fear or the reaction place or a desperate this has to lead to some income place)

My overall point being that, your path to your goals, financial and otherwise, depends on YOU and YOUR APPROACH. The nuts and bolts of the activities themselves don’t change.

This is about leadership for solo and micro-preneurs. Self leadership (see the questions above) and business leadership so that you can do what your business needs you to do (rather than being dragged along by the day-to-day business tasks that will swallow your time, your energy and your spirit if you let them). 

I think we’re all familiar with the feeling of the never ending to do list and the realisation that we seem to have created an overwhelming job as opposed to the picture of the business we had in our heart and mind when we started out, aren’t we? So there’s no shame and it doesn’t mean you’re not cut out for business or anything like that (which I believed about myself for so long).

Here’s the bottom line from my perspective:

If you believe you’re here to build a heart-led impact driven business and achieve your every heart’s desire

Then that’s what you’re here for and that’s what you’re capable of

And that’s all about YOU. 

It’s not about what the current marketing trend is and how easy (or difficult) it is to execute.

It’s not about what this one, that one and the next one’s opinion of what you’re doing is.

It’s about YOU and how you want to build your business. 

Do you know? Do you trust yourself? Can you stick to it and only make changes when it’s best for your business, not your ego? 

Truth - I don’t and can’t either 365/24/7 because it’s about personal development, it’s an ongoing practice

But I do know the work to focus on so that you can make decisive decisions, trust them, stick to them and shift your ego out of the way.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with.

I’ve combined my background in Sociology (remember we talked about societal conditioning) almost 20 years in HR after doing my HR postgrad diploma and 7+ years in the online business space to create my entrepreneurial training - solopreneur and micro-preneur leadership development and business mindset.

The skills that will be with you for the lifetime of your business, so that you can take action for your business, without looking for someone else’s 3 point plan to rely on, or being tossed about the seas of trends as they come and go.

If from what I’ve said you recognise dedicated entrepreneur training as something you need to be able to ditch overwhelm, make powerful decisions, trust them, stick to them and take quality action towards achieving your business goals, (including attracting, connecting with, converting and impacting ideal clients, increasing your revenue - the things we're all here for, right?)

Send me a message via the contact form or DM me ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING on Instagram (I'm @elleturner_writer) and I’ll get back to you so we can chat and see what you need. 

Elle xo

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