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Are you actively cultivating self-trust as an entrepreneur?

May 02, 20245 min read

One of the key traits of entrepreneurs who keep the faith in business is that they trust themselves, their decisions, their decision making ability and their ability to find or create solutions to any challenges that occur along the way.

It allows for action taking, supports confidence, eases the experience and all the good things that are possible when you Build the Business Owner to Build the business.

The thing I’ve found about self-trust among those of us wanting to build a heart-led impact driven business in the online space is, though, it’s not typically something that comes easy to us

And when we lack trust in ourselves and our abilities, that’s when we focus our attention on getting all our answers from external sources, such as others’ content, courses and programmes

And when we approach ‘solution seeking’ in this way, that’s when it leads to overwhelm, confusion, stuckness and trying loads of different things (platforms, formats, offers) for all the wrong reasons (impatience, frustration, desperation).

And because ‘self-trust’ can sound like a ‘buzz phrase’ and we hear it a lot in the online space, we risk glossing over it and missing what it actually means, why it’s important, what it looks like, what’s stopping us experiencing it and all the things that lead us to the place of actually being able to do it.

Here’s the thing. You’re here. You have a business, so to some degree, even if it’s just a whisper, you trust that you can create what you want.

Your job as a business owner is to bring that self trust consciously in your day to day, listen to the whisper and amplify it.

Your job is to consciously recognise the need to develop, strengthen and maintain your self-trust as an active exercise 

In the same way that you would widen and practice your vocabulary if you were learning a language 

Or develop your road sense by practicing when you’re learning to drive, not just focusing on the mechanics.

So, broadly speaking, what does self-trust look like?

It’s when you approach taking action in your business based on your own decisions, willing to take whatever the outcomes are because you know you can handle them. 

Because the outcomes of your decisions are the facts that inform the next decision. We need to clear the path that’s littered with seeing outcomes as having personal meaning on our worth, our value, our potential and all of that good stuff (this is a note to self as much as everyone else)

Outcomes may have something to do with ability - maybe you do need to learn something to make the progress you want

But self trust means you know you need to learn from a place of it being for personal or business progress, expansion and forward motion

Not from a place of I don’t know what I’m doing or I’m not good enough

I think one of the reasons we do this in business is because it’s personal, it is because entrepreneurship is an experience that does require personal growth, it is because, so often in our situation, we are a personal brand and our business is tied to our personal values, beliefs and desires

So if we don’t know something or it doesn’t go as planned we take it very personally

And this is then what leads us to assume others must know better, must have the answer we need and we spend our time, money and energy seeking these answers through others three point plans, playbooks and blueprints

That’s when the whisper of self trust gets drowned out.

You can develop the habit of trusting yourself. That’s not to say you don’t want to learn from others, and you don’t want to get their support through their courses, coaching or programmes 

It’s just that when you trust yourself, your decision to do so comes from a different place

Not with I need you to help me or this is going to go belly up energy

Instead with this is the next right step to help me and my business grow energy

Which means it’s more intentional, more empowered and, therefore, more likely to be the right thing for YOU.

If you’re looking to create more results in your business that meet your definition of success whether that’s more clients, more money, more impact, more ease, the good news is it’s all about you. 

If you want some focused training and time on the ideas of self-trust, decision making, keeping the faith and the mindsets that drive quality business action

Then you want entrepreneur training to Build the Business Owner who builds the business, so that you can shift from frustration to more freedom and build your heart-led impact driven business without constant confusion or worry about compromise, and so that you can take the quality of action that signs you clients, makes you money, feels more easeful - or all of that.

That’s what I’m here to help you with. You want to build the business, I help you build the business owner who can do that. DM me ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING on Instagram (I'm @elleturner_writer) for a (no obligation / no pressure) request for more info.

Elle xo

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