You need to Build the Business Owner to Build the Business

Make decisive decisions and take assured action to grow your heart-led, impact driven business and achieve the success, fulfilment and impact you desire.

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Elle Turner and Build the Business Owner course book graphics. Make solid decisions that you can stick to, take confident and consistent action in your business, trust yourself and your entrepreneurial ability

Are you a solopreneur or micro-business owner?

Maybe you started your own business to:

  • Experience time freedom?

  • Feel fulfilled by the work you do?

  • Have autonomy over your own schedule and

  • Gain financial freedom from having your income potential in your own hands?

Is it your deep desire to use your impact and income to increase your positive effect on the world?

Yes! I thought so! Then I know exactly where you’re coming from.

Business can be hard. No matter who you serve, or what product or service you provide, attracting, converting and impacting the clients or customers you long for takes TIME and, frustratingly, there’s no ‘one way’ to do it that will definitely, always work.

There’s so much information available and there are so many options. It’s mind-boggling and overwhelming.

Do you agree? I’ve certainly felt more than once that I’ve been floundering.

These feelings make sense, though, because our brain likes to search for THE answer to a problem so that we can feel CERTAINTY when we act on a solution.

That’s just what human brains do (my lay person’s interpretation, anyway!) BUT

And here’s the nub of the issue

That’s just not the reality of business.

There’s no ONE ANSWER on how to build a business that works for YOU, and there’s no CERTAINTY that the previously untested (by you) actions that you take will work (for you).

That’s not actually a bad thing. It’s where the opportunities and possibilities of having your own business spring from.

The trouble is, it doesn’t necessarily FEEL that way day-to-day, does it?

Instead, does it feel exhausting, suspiciously like the 9-5 treadmill you thought you’d escaped and A LOT of effort for little or no result?

I get it. That’s OK. The most important point to take on board here is, if at the moment your business isn’t working the way you want it to, it doesn't mean there’s something ‘wrong’ with you (there’s not) or that you’re not cut out for this
‘business thing’ (you are)

But you might benefit from some Entrepreneurial Leadership Development.

The good news (best news) is, your business has everything it needs to succeed already.


Even if that sounds naff or trite and you’re rolling your eyes right about now, stick with me.

Because it’s true.

Who needs to make the decisions in your business? You.

Who needs to price, promote and provide your products or services in your business? You.

Who needs to take action in your business? You.


That’s why I say (and know from my experience) that Business is Personal

You need to Build the Business Owner to Build the Business.

If you’re losing confidence, doubting yourself and are sick of not enjoying your business the way you thought you would, it’s not jumping from strategy to strategy, from one social media platform to another or exhausting yourself further trying #allthethings that will help.

What will help is being able to cut through all the noise, trust your own thoughts and think like a business
owner (AKA a Leader), so that you can get your business running in a way that works for you, so that you can attract, convert and impact your ideal clients and so that you can be on your way to achieving the big business goals you set out to achieve. (Remember the freedom & fulfilment we talked about?)

Maybe you know you need to:

  • Make solid decisions that you can stick to without succumbing to shiny object syndrome, or becoming stuck in analysis paralysis

  • Take confident and consistent action to make the best use of your precious time in your business and

  • Trust yourself and your entrepreneurial ability

But something’s getting in your way.

That’s OK.

In a nutshell, the work that will allow you to take assured action to get the results you want is building your business mindset so that you can step up as the entrepreneurial LEADER your business needs.

Yes, even as a solopreneur or micro-business owner.

If this page resonates with you and you’ve made it this far


I designed the BTBO Hybrid Programme to give you the best of both worlds. My foundations of entrepreneurial leadership development training for solopreneurs and micro-business owners, plus tailored support to help you approach your business with an entrepreneurial leadership mindset. Develop confidence in, and self-trust around, your ability to make decisions, then take consistent action based on these decisions so that you can get what you want from your business for your life and be the business owner you want to be

Build the Business Owner is for you if you want to establish your own personal leadership style, show up as the leader your business needs and, therefore, as the leader you want to be.

Which means developing or consolidating the skills and mindsets to:

Grow your business in line with what you want for your life & according to your non-negotiable personal values. This is the solid foundation that enables you to make decisions and take actions with more confidence, energy and ease.

Develop the skills to look at your business objectively, make decisions with confidence, stick to them and, crucially, keep the faith and embrace new challenges (because you’re in this for the long term, am I right?)

Develop an entrepreneurial leadership development practice that integrates your success mindset into your life and business actions daily so that you grow along with your business as it evolves and always into the leader your business needs.

We’ll do all this because the underlying objective of Build the Business Owner is to empower you to make decisive decisions and take assured action to grow a heart-led, impact driven business to achieve the success, fulfilment and impact you desire.

A business that gives you what you want for your life, the lives of those around you and the wider world.

Whether you want to travel the world, give your kids an easier start in life, support the causes closest to your heart (or all three, because why should you have to choose?)

I believe you’re absolutely right in thinking building your own business is the way to do that.

And that’s personal. Business IS Personal.

Build the Business Owner to Build the Business.

The Build the Business Owner Programme is a combination of a self-study online course and tailored, individual support to give it the focus most relevant to YOU.

I’d like you to experience the best of both worlds - solid training you can revisit plus mentoring, support and accountability so that you act on and implement the training in a way that works for you.

How it works:

You’ll receive access to one training module (a pre-recorded video and course book section) each week for five weeks so that you can work through them when convenient to you. (And you’ll retain ongoing access to the online course material for 12 months which is great because you’ll want to keep coming back to the resources as your business grows and evolves)

You can book Two 45 minute one-to-one online zoom sessions with me during the five weeks of the programme so that I can answer any questions you have and help you implement in the best way for you.(Probably one call mid course and one at the end would work best, but we can talk about that if you’re in!)

Build the Business Owner hybrid programme. Elle Turner and Build the Business Owner course book graphic

What you get:


Introduction (Video)

Let’s talk about the objectives of the programme and how it’s going to work so that you know what’s happening when (and why!)


Module One: Personal - Lifestyle (Video & PDF course book)

The Build the Business Owner programme is about empowering you to make confident decisions and take confident action to grow your business.

That starts with gaining CLARITY on what having a business of your own means to you personally. The decisions you make in your business need to take account of the life you want your business to support so that you build the right business for YOU.


Module Two: Values - Personal & Business (Video & PDF course book)

In this module you’ll identify the values and beliefs you hold personally and for your business so that you can make decisions and take actions to build your business in line with those values only.

As a solopreneur or microbusiness owner, these are the first steps to take towards crafting your
entrepreneurial leadership identity, and how you want to show up in, and for, your business.


Module Three: Separating yourself from your business (Video & PDF Coursebook)

In this module you’re going to learn to embrace your role as the leader of your business, separate your personal identity from your business results and take action based on what your business needs from you so that ultimately you can get what you need from your business.


Module Four: Your Business Mindset (Video & PDF Coursebook)

Your first job daily as a business owner is to work on the mindset that supports the business action you want to take so that you approach that action with more confidence, self trust and energy. That way action becomes easier to take, easier to take consistently and is of better quality, more likely to achieve results.

When you recognise unhelpful thought patterns and have the tools to navigate and dismantle them, then reframe them into a mindset that supports confident, consistent (and enjoyable!) business action you’re building your business mindset.


Module Five: Your Personal Success Activities (Video & PDF Coursebook)

In this module you’ll learn how to
mainstream entrepreneurial leadership development work into your working day, why it’s important to do so and how you can identify ‘Personal Success Activities’ that resonate with you to support you in your business.

During our five weeks together we’ll have TWO x 45 minute one-to-one online zoom sessions so that I can help you! Think mentoring, support and accountability. I want you to get the most out of this course so that it continues to help you long after the end of our five weeks together!

Bonus resources

Keep these bonus resources to hand to help you during and long after the programme!

  • Writing principles PDF

  • How to use affirmations and mantras PDF

  • Mainstreaming mindset work cheat sheet PDF

  • Sample journaling exercises for entrepreneurial leadership mindset PDF

Join now for just £529 GBP

Testimonials - what's been said about me and my work. I was letting fear control me. After speaking with her I had the strength to complete my training and find clients. She really goes into details on what is stopping you from thinking your best and provides clever solutions. Elle was very supportive. She explained things clearly, provided examples/suggestions whenever I felt I needed them.  I definitely got a lot of gold information that is still helping me today. I was surprised to identify some aspects of my behaviour...jeopardising my ability to face hurdles and move forward. You can tell she truly cares about you.


How much time will the Build the Business Owner Programme take me? 

Your ‘live’ round of Build the Business Owner is open for FIVE weeks.

Each module is made up of ONE 10-20 minute video and ONE PDF Course book

The time it will take you to work through the course book questions is hard to quantify as it depends how much time you want to spend thinking about the content, but you have ongoing access to the course materials for 12 months to revisit as many times as you want in that time.

You might even find you have a net gain in time overall when you’re able to take more decisive and assured action in your business!

How much is it? 

It’s £529 GBP Check the current equivalent in your currency here.

No amount of money is a ‘no-brainer’ but I do believe this is a steal when you think that you retain access to the self-study materials for 12 months AND have access to me one-to-one to get your questions answered throughout the ‘live’ period of the programme. 

I’m deliberately keeping the price down by providing most of the content as ‘self study’ because I know how impossible it can be, and feel, to invest thousands of pounds or dollars on a purely one-to-one package when your business success feels uncertain. 

I do want you to get tailored support based on what you specifically need,  though, which is why I think this hybrid option is the perfect solution. What do you think?

Will this programme really help me to grow my business?

Honestly? I can't answer that, because I’m not you. It’s your own combination of circumstances, effort, intention and the like that will impact your own results. What that really means is (apparently just like the gym equipment gathering dust in my garage), it only works if you use it. That’s good news in this case, though, because you’re going to want to use the BTBO content and support to help you create the success that you know is possible for you.I designed the BTBO Programme to give you the best of both worlds. My foundations of entrepreneurial leadership development training for solopreneurs and micro-business owners PLUS tailored support to help you approach your business with an entrepreneurial leadership mindset. The aim is for you to have confidence in, and self-trust around, your ability to make decisions, then take the action needed based on these decisions so that you can get what you want from your business for your life and be the business owner you want to be.

I haven’t started my business yet. Should I join the programme now?

I see Build the Business Owner being of most benefit to those who know who their ideal client is, have a product or service up and running to provide, but who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and are losing confidence in their ability to take action in their business to reach their goals. If that resonates with you, welcome aboard, I’d love to support you! You don’t need to have been in business for a certain length of time or made a specific number of (or, indeed, any)  sales to jump on the offer.However, if you’re absolutely brand new to business and don’t resonate with the description above, a better plan would be to join my email list and take advantage of the free content on my Podcast and social media. That’ll introduce you to the ‘Build the Business Owner’ philosophy while you get started and you can dive into a paid programme when you’re ready. 

How is the programme delivered?

Via our course site and Zoom primarily. After purchase, you’ll receive an emails with your login details for the programme, and a link to book in our one to one online sessions which will take place on Zoom.

You will receive access to the Introduction Video and Module One Video and Coursebook on purchase. Each subsequent Module will be available to you seven days after the one before.

The PDF Coursebooks are designed for you to answer the questions in your journal or notebook.

How long do I have access to all the materials?

You’ll have access to the online course content for 12 months. The course welcome email will detail the timescales for booking and attending the one-to-one online sessions.

Can I buy the online course content only without the one-to-one support?

Charming! No offence taken. WinkI’m only kidding, I get why you’re asking that but, no, not at this stage because of the way I’ve set up the content. (I really do think the hybrid option is the best of both worlds!)

What’s the refund policy?

It’s very important to me that you have a good experience with my business, so if you have any concerns at all about the content, please contact me (elleATelleturnerDOTme). As you are buying in a business capacity, that is, for purposes related to your trade, business, craft or profession, the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 do not apply. Therefore, there are no refunds.

I have another question. Where can I ask it?

Email me (elleATelleturnerDOTme) and I’ll get back to you personally. 

Why work with me?

Hi! I’m Elle Turner,
a writer, boy (x2) mum, cat (x2) mum and lifelong learner.

I’m also an entrepreneurial leadership development mentor for heart-led entrepreneurs - mainly solopreneurs & micro business owners - who want to grow an impactful business.

If you started your business because you not only want to build a sustainable, abundant future for yourself and your family, and do so through doing work that you LOVE, but also because you’re determined to have a positive impact in the world, then I've combined my background in Sociology, almost twenty years in Human Resources, extensive writing experience and, now, over six years in the online business space to help you focus on the real difference maker in your own business success - YOU.

Elle Turner

I started my first business in the online space in 2016, desperate for ‘job satisfaction’. I wanted to experience autonomy, flexibility and freedom doing work I loved whilst having the uncapped income potential that would enable me to have a meaningfully positive impact in the world.

I ran into some problems, however. (AKA fell flat on my face as a fear-ridden wreck. It hurt.)

I found the learning curve overwhelming. (Which social media platforms would be best for me? What makes great content? OMG do I really have to get on video?)

There was so much information on the way to grow an online business (FB! No, IG! No, LI, No, all of them! Your content needs to be long form! No, short form! No, vary it! No, stick to a formula! Yes, of course you need to get on video! Every minute of every day. And (nowadays), if you can point at text and wiggle your bum, so much the better).

Hang out where your ideal client is! No, do this and you’ll magnetise them to you! No, you won’t, you have to meet them where they’re at. Prod their pain points! Don’t prod their pain points! Marketing principles are timeless, but the way you’re doing it is probably so outdated! (Um, what?)

I’m breaking out in a sweat just writing all that.

My point is, back then my head was spinning.

I constantly felt like I was doing the wrong things, even though I was trying to do #allthethings.

I always felt like there was something key that I was missing and, if only I could figure out the one right thing
that was eluding me, I would unplug the dam and have business success flowing towards me.

What happened instead was I started losing enthusiasm for the business that had meant so much to me and confidence in my ability to turn it around.

I don’t want that for you.

That’s why I created Build the Business Owner.

Build the Business Owner is to help you cut through all the (albeit well-meaning) noise and, essentially, make up your own mind and take action accordingly, knowing that you’ll embrace the results with confidence.

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